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Just wanted to throw some appreciation towards how we can customise our power


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Hi DE! (assuming this gets read).

Just wanted to thank you lot for the mod system and 🎉Dragon Keys🎉

I (a player who equips themselves to make a fight tough) and my partner (who revels in being able to sneeze the enemies away) are complete opposites in how we approach this game regarding fights, and we recently did a Gift of the Lotus survival (level 16-20, I think?) together.

And in the singular mission map, I had my fun being pushed into a corner and just barely pushing back harder, while her Octavia got to Dubstep baddies to death to her heart’s content (and save my hide once or twice).

Two rather different approaches to fights, yet we can play together and have fun, and I attribute that to the ability to so precisely tweak health and damage on a personal basis. It’s not a perfect system, of course, and it’s old, but I consider it one of the things that make Warframe unique amongst similar games that I know of, and look forward to how it may (or may not) change in the future

So, thanks for the many customisation options 👍.

(As an aside, since much of the content I engage in doesn’t need all of the damage or survival mods to make it through at a rate that I like, I enjoy playing around with the perhaps less-commonly-used mods like the increased Double Jump height and less zooming while Aimgliding and longer wall-latches)

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