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Bit of a hair problem?

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So in the latest quest, we get introduced to Vala ( void captain singing lady) whose locks of hair are nothing short of fabulous. When it comes to us? All the original stylings plus some platinum purchases still use the old hair system. I know many of us still want New War, but it'd be nice to see those cutscenes with proper, modern hair tech applied to the rest of the styles that lack it.

While I enjoyed Vala's debut, I couldn't help but envy our enemies get better hair than we do. It's an inconsistency that bugs me and was wondering if any other fashionframers were peeved that there's no modernizing the old hairdos. Furthermore, does anyone have insight as to why this has been neglected? Especially since Vala got her luscious looks, where's ours?

(I'm not "leaving" the game because of this. It's just a pet peeve that's been making me scratch my head lately. It'd be nice to see if others feel the same way or have some insight on the issue)

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1 minute ago, MqToasty said:

Forget Vala's hair, have you seen Eudico's eye lashes?!  They flutter like...  Seaweeds or something!  When will we get her creepy eyelashes, DE?


When we place our heads inside our gut, then we deserve every lash.

I was thinking why cant it be "replace the old textures with the new" for the hair we had since second dream. They just feel awkward, Eudico awkward. 

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