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Problem joining to squads



Hi, I'm having some trouble with my friends when we want to be in a squad to complete missions. When we invite each other all goes as it should, but when it comes to start a mission the game kick us out from the squad and the only way to play together is to start the mission and then join the squad. Anyone knows why this is happening and how could we fix it? (sry for my english btw)

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As far as I heard, there have been some changes to matchmaking/underlying tech, and as a result some people now have problems:


Although your problem sounds a bit strange, as you can still play with others.

It's hard to diagnose that for other players. What you can try instead is post it somewhere in the bug forums, or send a ticket through the Support Desk. Maybe do both, even.

It's likely they'll need your logs for that, and that's not something you want to expose in public, in any case.

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