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European servers are a lot more lit than Russian

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So for the past year I didn't know you could switch to European servers and I was in Russian servers. It's really depressing there like not gonna lie. The moment I saw the option to switch I did and typed some sht to trade chat and started keking so hard. 5 min into the European servers and I already made a friend. Feels like I'm home again. I attached the photos. Enjoy!

The first thing I did the moment I joined to European servers:


And then right after someone texted me:


and now we are friends XDD

Fking Warframe man XD

I love this game!

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it's really redundant that russia has their own region, even if server proximity is relevant they should just merge russian+asian server chats it's redundant to be so specific when they're inactive or dead a lot of the time

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