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Random explosives suicides / objective destroyer.

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Hey ! 

I've come through some bugs these last weeks and here's a very annoying one.

As you can see on the video, I'm randomly killing myself with my Kuva Ogris... for no reason.

Sometimes it doesn't kill me but instead destroys my health and Adaptation gives me 10% viral resistance from my own damages.

It also happends to objectives / pets, it can sometimes kill both for no reason while not being rad'ed or anything.


Here, I'm killing myself and my 12k HPs pet.

Note that I have negation swarm, my allies weren't there yet, there was no Rad augments for ennemies malus or anything crazy as it's happening pretty much everywhere even if it's not consistent.

Any clue on what could cause this issue ?


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à l’instant, Lutesque a dit :

Must be a bug the snuck in in the last update

Was already happening before, I was just smart enough to record using the "record last hour of gameplay" function from PS5 this time.

Forgot to mention it's obviously not an old clip from an old update where explosives could kill you, even tho I'm pretty sure it still couldn't kill your pet like here.

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