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New Necramech Idea


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At the moment there are only two options for Necramechs, yet there are four Necramech slots that players start with. As I was playing my Voidrig, doing bounties in the Plains of Eidolon, I was talking with my squad in chat about ideas for a new Necramech. There's already a DPS Mech and Tank Mech (Voidrig and Bonewidow respectively), and I was thinking of a tactical/support Necramech. Necramechs do not gain bonuses from Warframe and Focus abilities, so I was thinking that there should be a Necramech Counterpart to it. Some things I was thinking about it having would be:

  • Low-Moderate Health and Shield
  • Ally Buffing abilities (Ideas could be an "Overdrive" ability, increasing damage output and movement/slide speed of nearby mechs, an ability that could replenish the health and give temporary overshields to nearby Mechs, and a "Donation" ability, which could sap energy from the casting mech and replenish the energy of nearby mechs.)
  • A Launcher-type Exalted Weapon
  • An Aura/Exilus Mod Slot (with the possible addition of Necramech Auras/Exilus mods)
  • The majority of it's polarizations being Naramon (Utility) or Zenurik (Ability-Changing.)

Necramechs are obviously becoming more influential in the game, and when I play in the Orphix missions of Railjack (with a full squad and a heavily modded Mech), I'm finding that Orphix enemies become very difficult to kill after the first few, and seeing as you have to kill 12 in order to get an Arcane, it makes it just as hard and tedious to get arcanes from these missions as they were to get in Eidolon hunts. Often when I'm using my Voidrig's Guard Mode ability, it just doesn't do enough damage to the Orphix to be effective, and that's the highest damaging weapon in the game. This is also to note the fact that there are few ways to repair Necramechs, and after the first few orphixes, Necramech Repair just cannot counter the sheer amount of enemies that are swarming you. This Support mech could remedy both of these problems, with Damage Boosting and Health/Shield boosting abilities, it could help balance the tilt that is the Orphix Railjack missions.

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