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Sevagoth's Shadow melee animations are broken with Berserker on.

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His melee combos are fine. They're also fine if you put on Fury/Primed Fury. But with Berserker, they get messed up. Also the last energy color of Sevagoth I hovered over with the mouse is his shadow's color, and no matter if I press reset to default, it remains the same. 
 Also please, PLEASE rework or at least add a skin to his shadow, because now it looks so bad with those back scratchers for arms. And his abilities are just bad and underwhelming. AoE Pull, dash heal, apply viral in a circle around you, but also works for shields.
 I think almost everyone would prefer if Chroma's 4 got reworked to be exalted dragon. Honestly back then years ago I thought I get to fly as a dragon, not a useless sentry that NOBODY uses. NOBODY.

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