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Getting rid of Excess Void Relics?

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Il y a 11 heures, Jalakopoksaus a dit :

I suppose you guys have a point.

I mainly wanted to introduce the idea of rerolling some of those excess relics into something that would be more useful to you, even if the outcome is totally random.

If you want new relics with almost no effort (nothing wrong with that mind you), you're probably like me and have an excess of syndicate points.

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2 hours ago, stormy505 said:

nah, just... blew my mind that someone would actually do that.

Apparently it was mind blowing enough to end up in an Episode of Dr. Phill....

A woman took issue with her Husband going through Jars of Peanut butter like they were going out of style.... His excuse was: "I like things Fresh." 😛


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14 hours ago, (PSN)robotwars7 said:

I'm a broken record in saying this but her we go:

Relic Kiosk. 

- added into the relay near Ducat Kiosk

- converts Relics into Void Traces or Endo.

- Higher tier and refined relics are worth more traces.

- Requiem Relics convert into Kuva.

this would immediately solve the surplus relic problem, greatly decrease the Void Trace grind when new Primes come out, and make your inventory less cluttered overall. it would take all of a few minutes to implement (a Ducat Kiosk with a different Symbol would be fine), and the benefits would be substantial. 

just do it already DE, please. 

I want this so badly right now.  Especially the void traces option.  I find the extreme rng of trace farming to be off putting, especially as I often don't have a lot of time to really devote to it.

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