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A Weird Discovery


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So I had some free time exploring in Phobos and with luck I found a strange object on a rock. It seemed too defined to be an error, so I'm guessing it is an easter egg. Has anyone seen it before, in game or not?



Edit: also I'll post more pictures when I find out what it is.


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You know if i was a warframe staff i'd look for these posts and just comment


"if only you guys knew the story behind this, has to do with 3 new frames, 14 new weapon designs and 24 different skins. However you guys will never know the fantastic story behind this piece of modern art"

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Cat-frame..makes me wanna puke..and the new 'frame concept is looking like a cat-frame already.


Warframe = Kittyframe, where all the hipsters have anime tropes oozing out of their pores.


Yep. I love cats and even I'm really fed up with all this nonsense surrounding the catframe. 


And I have a different word than "hipsters" in mind, but since using it would get my posts censored AND moderated I'll just keep it to myself...

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