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The only thing that is a real problem with this idea is you've essentially made a mod set that is universally stronger than the primed elemental mods.

If the set ONLY isolated the element then I am totally on board with it.


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Do note, elements didnt used to combine. You used to be able to stack all the base elements without issue, but the Devs didnt like it because these mods became the only ones anyone ever put in.


That being said it would be interesting if they released a set of the +60% damage / Status mods that were the combined elements.

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34 minutes ago, (XBOX)O37GEKKO said:

and for the record, i've been playing since year 2 on xbox... and it was never like that for me.

Think it was first year change. I do remember the days of rainbow builds. It was changed at damage 2.0, on November 20th 2013, so i think you were a year away from it happening.


38 minutes ago, (XBOX)O37GEKKO said:

i'm looking at the state of the game now, with power builds severely outclassing weapon damage considering that they scale, and weapon damage, does not.

Sure, but making the other elements able to not stack isnt going to help this. Its just going to mean every slot on your weapon is using an elemental damage build instead.

The reason powers scale better is for two reasons. Either they have some form of CC, or they scale based of enemy health or damage.


41 minutes ago, (XBOX)O37GEKKO said:

buffing the 'optimal' damage potential of faction based builds would be an easy way to balance out this issue, and bring primary and secondary damage up to par with the current melee 'overload' excuse the pun.

This is massivly not true on 2 points. First, melee damage wont be caught up like that, as melee damage is strong, and also can build for anti faction. So your change might make guns stronger, but melee would gain equal strength.

Secondly, building for anti faction is pointless, in the face of building for specific elements like viral, fire and slash. I run an Ignis wraith on Steel Path, and it melts basically everything.


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15 hours ago, (XBOX)O37GEKKO said:

your counter argument here will end in the ignis wraith and condition overload being nerfed.

Not really sure thats the case. DE tends to nerf weapons or mods that are powerful themselves, but the Ignis Wraith is a full setup that works well. Condition overload would only get nerfed if your concept became a reality.

15 hours ago, (XBOX)O37GEKKO said:

can you see how my mod set concept is a preemptive strike to this inevitability?

No. The fact that you see this as a counter shows your not thinking about it clearly enough. But if needs must, ill explain it really clearly for you.

Your concept is: Provide a new set of mods that do exactly what current mods do, but the elements dont stack like usual elemental mods do. This is a bad concept because:

1) A very similar system used to exist in Warframe (just because you didnt play it then doesnt mean it doesnt count) and DE redesigned the entire damage system to get rid of it.

2) Under your system, while I could use the mods to have a combination of mixed and basic elements, i could also just put on 4 copies of fire mods, boosting my fire damage to +300% fire damage. Plus the need for the basic damage and multishot mods, and your looking at 6 of your 8 mod slots in every build needing to take these mods to get the most damage up.

Your proposed mod set concept isnt a preemptive strick, its a shallow concept that provides no great addition to the meta other than more damage.

If i were to spend even a moment thinking about the concept, id offer the alternative that you could add mods that convert a % of elemental damage into another, isolated element. This would provide you with the same elemental mixing your concept provides, while not being a mandatory power up.

Also, the whole 'proposed changes to make ranged weapons as good as melee' is moot at the moment as DE are working on an update that will increase the power of ranged weapons accross the board.

16 hours ago, (XBOX)O37GEKKO said:

a wise man once said: "Each enemy is more powerful than before. Only with true mastery of the Tenno Arsenal will you succeed."

A wise man also said: "As you conquor the foe, so you conquor yourself". Like your own quote, this means absolutly nothing in the context of the conversation.

Though I prefer the quote: "Only an arsewhole use a photo to punctuate a non-point".

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6 hours ago, (XBOX)O37GEKKO said:

only an arsehole who doesn't want their ignis wraith nerfed would write anything apart from this.


So if i did want it nerfed i would sugest your system? Are saying that you want to nerf the Ignis wraith?


6 hours ago, (XBOX)O37GEKKO said:

i can't believe it took this much negative criticism before you actually added any constructive input

I take it your also refering to the part in my initial post where i 'negativly' pointed out that DE had already had a similar sytem and removed it from the game, or the part where i 'negativly' said i did like the idea of mods that gave the combined elements straight up? Gosh i was negitive there.


6 hours ago, (XBOX)O37GEKKO said:

the tenshin quote i made meant simply an ignis wraith isn't an entire arsenal, it was perfectly contextual to your argument.


You mean my arguement that the ignis as it currently stands is a relativly mediocre weapon, but modded correctly can be used to great effect. So the counter argument to that as you see it is 'well theres alot of other guns'. And? Yes there are other guns. Alot of them are way more powerful than the ignis. You know wont help anything? Adding a bunch of mods that will also be available to melee weapons, meaning the damage gap wont change (historically such mods have been added across all the weapon types).

Also, small point this, but it wasnt really an argument as such, more that i was saying that that with the right builds you can do damage. Just to the argument that the forcus is on faction specific damage types, as no matter what enemy im against in steel path, i run a viral & fire ignis with hunter munitions.


6 hours ago, (XBOX)O37GEKKO said:

even though it may serve as one; purely the fact that it makes most other primaries pointless is enough for it to get nerfed.

(i don't want to have that debate. here, or anywhere else)

I use Ignis for steel path doesnt mean the I dont use anything else, or think everything else is terrible. (though ignis does show in my profile as my most used weapon, this was back in the day when we didnt have alot of choice. I mean it says Rhino is my most used warframe and i dont think ive used it for 5 years).

Also, the ignis family has been around so long i doubt well get any nerfs.


6 hours ago, (XBOX)O37GEKKO said:

having said that, i do appreciate your criticism... the too may mod slots point you made was one i considered with the original concept, i just wasn't sure of a work around.

your suggestion cleans up my concept into 9 mods, one for each base element and the combined elements... 

Goddam you and your 'being nicer' edit. Ughhh, im going back and re-editting my replys. I will grudgingly take out 80% of my sarcasm. God it was good sarcasm too.


A thought on the mods could be, say: "Adds 40% of total elemental damage as X element to attacks". Have that for each element. So you still have to build for elemental damage to get the numbers out, but you get rewarded for clever thinking on how you stack elemental damage (you couldnt rely soley on these mods). Would have to not count elemental damage given by these mods.

Side note, you could add a 'void damage' version too, and maybe IPS versions, doing: "Adds 40% of total physical damage as X damage type to attacks".

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