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Sisters of Parvos is the perfect chance for a true multi-barrel spinning minigun

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I had a similar thing in Borderlands 2 as Axton, you could deploy it and damn it kicked arse, I'd like the three barrel option though. :)


Axton - The Commando, who can deploy a Sabre Turret, dramatically increasing the available firepower on the field of battle.

The Sabre Turret's initial form is modest, but Axton's skills can change the turret's basic model to fill a variety of roles. It can be equipped with ammunition belts, rocket pods, a targeting laser, an extra gun (which fires Slag), a shield emitter, and mag-lock bases). Other skills (a nuclear explosion when deployed, longbow technology, and the ability to deploy two turrets simultaneously) improve the turret's offensive and tactical use but don't actually change the turret's appearance.



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I'm honestly surprised a minigun wasn't introduced with the necramechs. I mean the Mausolon is good fun and all, but mounting a bit spinny-barrel gun on a mech just seems to fit. And just imagine slapping a Gravimag on it, with the big deploy shockwave, and having the gun spew out empty casings everywhere (or heat clips or whatever fantasy BS).

I wouldn't exactly call the Tenora either a gatling or minigun -- although the spinning barrel aesthetic kinda gives that feel, it lacks the other satisfying elements of a minigun: the mechanical spooling noise, creating a dense wall of lead that just cuts things in half, the ran of casings hitting the floor, and even the heat or glowing barrels from extended use (whether that's realistic or not).

And make a Corpus laser minigun if you want, but I want an old-fashioned lead-spitter too.

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Corpus wise.... why not a rotary mechanism with 3-5 Opticor/Vandals slapped onto it? As it spins, each Opticor charges up in succession, when it comes to the top, it fires. Repeat. Gatling laser a la the Fallout games (except that one doesn't spin up). Rapid fire laser beam assault.

Tho to be honest, while it would look cool as hell.... I have heard some complaints about the Acceltra and it's fire pattern with certain colors. /shrug


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On 2021-05-05 at 2:21 PM, (PSN)robotwars7 said:

 A Corpus minigun would be cool (that new one Vertec units have is nice)

Its just an aluminium brick stuffed with penta rounds and using ground archgun holster


Stil lwant it , DE please 


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2 hours ago, (PSN)CommanderC2121 said:

They are not even close to the same thing!

Imperator Vandal has ramp-up firerate, high spread, brrrrrrrrt factor... Quite close to minigun, if I do say so myself...

Let's be real, if DE ever adds minigun as a weapon, it will have stats of a Burston and willl be slower than current SMGs and machine pistols.

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