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I have got the same issues i'll try to explain in more details. I have 4 Logitech G505 mice. each are configured identically I use 2 and my daughter uses 2 (PC and xbox) There are multiple buttons on these mice, the buttons and scroll wheels since this update they no longer work 

Work on all other games (example Call of duty)  = YES

Working on xbox warframe = NO (does not detect when trying to bind either nor scroll down within options menus etc)

Working proir to the recent update = YES

Working after the recent update = NO

these tests were done on my new XSX which I got only last week, thinking this may have been a XSX issue I tested on my X1X with the same outcome as above. everything I have tried (four different mice and, 2 xbox series X's and 2 xbox One X's) all point to the same issue that this has come as a bug with the New Update.

I'm MR30 I took a 1 month break from Warframe returning as the New console is here and the update so ready to grind and am now super depressed I cant play warframe on xbox because if this bug (refuse to go back to controller) to use to KB&M for it now.

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