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Buff Tazicor


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Please buff Tazicor.

Increase the status to 25% for example. Or innate multishot (2). Or chaining to other 2-4 targets (like Wisp's 1)

Judging by name this weapon should be like tazer, but my other weapons have much greater status chance for example.

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22 hours ago, Artekkor said:

Sentinel weapons are only good for status builds anyway, since its not like DE will allow our sentinels play the game for us.

Some, like Verglas / Deconstructor Prime / Deth Machine Rifle Prime, actually can dish out significant damage.

Like, maybe not Steel Path wrecking levels, but things like regular (end of) Star Chart enemies certainly get mowed down fast enough.

Anyway, yeah, there's too many Sentinel weapons that just aren't worth using, quite a shame.

Maybe instead of just tons more damage / Status Chance (though reasonable buffs should still happen),
they could each have special effects in addition, like ... dunno, just as a random bad idea lol,
maybe triggering a radial proc upon initiating reload (Elec on Vulklok / Tazicor, Heat on Vulkax) for some added CC.

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