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Error while trying to join sessions


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First of all I apologize for my english, it's not my native language.

With that said, trying to get help in here is my last resort.. I can't join my friend's session no matter what.I can confirm that I do have a non-strict NAT because I actually called my ISP because of this. Now I have forwarded both the TCP and the UDP ports to the suggested values. I do have UPnP enabled aswell. Whenver I get an invitation from my friends it arrives normally but when I join their session I just get kicked after 10-15 secs no matter who hosts the game (Even If I host).

This only happens with warframe I can play any other games such as Monster Hunter without any problem whatsoever. This has been killing my experience with warframe for the last 1-2 months since I can't actually play with my friends.

I forgot to add that I can actually join any public session without any problem. For example I can just click on any node and I will join a party.

Thanks in advance..

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Perhaps try turning off uPnP since you are manually forwarding the ports.  uPnP, while convenient, is also a security risk.

"WARFRAME USES UDP PORTS 4950 AND 4955 & THE TCP PORT RANGE 6695 - 6699."  <- some routers don't give the option for a range, so you may have to add each tcp port individually.


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