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𝓦𝓣𝓢 ✨ 56 high tier rivens for 46 different weapons! ✨ Most prices negotiable!


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Please contact me via discord (Smurfdaddy#7419) or in-game if you want to buy any of the rivens!
Mirror: https://riven.market/profile/Smurfdaddy


Featured weapons:
Akstiletto, Bubonico, Catchmoon, Corinth, Dokrahm, Fang, Fulmin, Gaze, Glaive, Grinlok, Guandao, Hek, Heliocor, Ignis, Jat Kittag, Kuva Bramma, Kuva Chakkhurr, Latron, Nukor, Ogris, Pandero, Pennant, Phaedra, Plague Kripath, Proboscis Cernos, Prova, Pyrana, Quanta, Quartakk, Rattleguts, Seer, Sepfahn, Shedu, Soma, Sonicor, Stahlta, Strun, Supra, Synapse, Tombfinger, Twin Grakatas, Velox, Vulkar, Zakti, Zarr, Zhuge

All prices listed:


Akstiletto Visi-critatis 800
Bubonico Acricron 800
Bubonico Crita-fevacan 1.5k
Catchmoon Visi-toxican 400
Corinth Sati-toxitis 1k
Dokrahm Acri-gelitor 1k
Fang Toxi-loctitis 1.5k
Fulmin Sati-critaata 3.5k
Gaze Toxi-critaata 500
Glaive Crita-visium 3k
Grinlok Visican 800
Guandao Toxi-cronitor 1.5k
Hek Sati-acritak 4k
Hek Visi-fevacan 4k
Heliocor Toxi-cronitor 600
Ignis Sati-toxiata 2k
Jat Kittag Locti-gelitis 1.2k
Kuva Bramma Geli-visitis 500
Kuva Bramma Sati-toxiata 2k
Kuva Chakkhurr Critatis 800
Latron Sati-geliata 500
Latron Visican 600
Nukor Crita-visipha 600
Ogris Sati-critaata 3k
Pandero Lexi-saticron 1k
Pandero Satiata 600
Pennant Acri-locticron 2k
Phaedra Toxi-saticron 600
Plague Kripath Acritor 400
Proboscis Cernos Crita-acriata 1.5k
Prova Cronitis 300
Pyrana Sati-visitox 1.5k
Pyrana Visi-lexican 1.5k
Quanta Crita-satitio 800
Quartakk Acri-visican 4k
Rattleguts Visi-satitox 1k
Rattleguts Visican 600
Seer Saticron 300
Sepfahn Acri-loctiata 1k
Shedu Satiata 600
Shedu Visi-gelican 800
Soma Toxi-satiata 1k
Sonicor Visican 1k
Stahlta Visi-acrican 2.5k
Strun Feva-critacan 1.2k
Supra Crita-satitox 1k
Supra Visi-ignican 750
Synapse Visi-ignican 600
Tombfinger Hexa-satiata 200
Twin Grakatas Saticron 800
Velox Visican 800
Vulkar Satiata 300
Zakti Crita-igniata 200
Zarr Satiata 2k
Zarr Visi-toxican 3k
Zhuge Satiata 800

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