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If we already have a shield-consuming warframe like Hildryn, why not create a life-consuming one? that is similar to nidus but it would be a species of fungus, like Hydnellum peckii, it would be Leech style brother of nidus xd

It would be something like that, I just wanted to share the idea since in drawing and design I don't know xd
passive: Increase in your defense based on health skills costs life instead of energy.


  • 1 "Fungal spores" (consumes Energy) spreads spores that are detonated when enemies receive damage, when they explode they spread to other enemies similar to Saryn but the damage is low in order only to steal health from the enemy Corrosive Damage.
  • 2 "Crimson Spear" (cost% of his life) sacrifices a portion of his health to launch a bloody projectile to finish his enemies with damage (Viral-Slashing) or (Viral)
  • 3 "coagulates" coagulates the blood in his body (sacrifices% of his life) to harden his body and in turn boost the damage of the crimson spear and mitigate the damage by increasing a percentage of his life. (visual effect could be that the muscles of the arms or veins are increased xd)
  • 4 "Pact of Blood"could be a skill that regenerates your health like Oberon's 3
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