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Vectis Is Epic (A First Look At Your New Favorite Sniper)


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New Vectis is out, I got it early because it was supposed to be a game changer for Snipers. Spoiler: It is. Look at these epic stats!


If you can't see it, that's 

175 damage
13.3 accuracy
2.0x|25% crit
1 magazine
1.0 reload
One V polarity


Of course, I also have some cool pictures of hits It took, Grineer on apollodorus, Mercury, it's unmodded.


Picture 1: Grineer Lancer 791 damage headshot.
picture 2. Grineer Lancer: 391 damage.

Pretty amazing, and will scale well with crit buils, since it has a base 25% crit

Hope I could help!

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