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Xbox One X hard crashes whenever I visit Cetus/Plains, Fortuna/Orb Valis or Necralisk/Cambion Drift

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Right. I’m a huge Warframe fan. Never deleted it. One frame part that’s always eluded my clutches is Zephyr Prime Systems. I’ve waited forever to have the ability to get relics for this part, and finally I can... but.... my Xbox keeps crashing.

The easiest way to get the relic is by completing the Level 4 bounty on any of the free roam areas, except I can’t access any of them without my Xbox One X hard crashing. Can’t even get the bounties let alone complete them. Please, I’m begging you, find the problem and fix this bug! 



AgricDixon (XB1)

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I'm having the same issues on my Xbox One X game hard crashes and shuts my console off on most of the open worlds. Can't do certain mission nodes Fossa the Jackal exterminate for example. Really want to play and earn standing but I can't due to these crashes and it is really hurting my enjoyment of Warframe.

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Also xbox one x game chrash everytime i try to talk somebody for example otak he starts talking then audio stops playing and before he finish without audio xbox shutdown same for mother and father. Try daughter and son now but belive that the same happen

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