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Can we get an option in arsenal to turn off Lavos gloves just like prime details ?

They already disappear while aiming so it should be possible



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I wonder why devs keep that stuff away from players. People have been asking for years to be able to turn off certain frame bits that actually disappear on their own if you have poor connection/game bugs out. Probably to lighten the load on the servers in order to increase riven cap lmao.

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Wow that bloody looks soooooo much better! The reason why I don`t play Lavos is coz how flipping ugly he is, I like his abilities but I don`t like him. The only thing I can do is either wait for a delux skin for him (which has to look sick) or wait for the prime version (which also has to look sick) and that will take 4 years before that will be a thing.

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