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Ruk Appreciation Thread


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At least 'Aladdin'(?) is still human.


Yeah I am sure a guy that works for a faction that specialized in neural and invasive indoctrination is anything but not augmented. 



Nearly everyone in War Frame is augmented, even the Tenno themselves.

Because we haz no eyes, so we need something to see with no ?



And Ruk tries his best to speak halting English, despite being used to yelling Tenn0 skum.

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Such hostility is unwarranted. Enjoy your Brakk I mean after your build it ofcourse.


Lol, sold it already. I'll get it when the release it to the market or from a boss fight, where I can earn it legit, not reward from a rigged event. Same goes to the machete.

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Yes, I am going to show him just how much I appreciate his Brakk by marching into his little asteroid cracking facility to blow his brains out with it.


Orokin Cell + 1

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Ruk was simple minded but efficient.


Alad never made any sense in his comments during the missions.


Ruk, "Of-course-you-side-with-us."

Alad,"Don't worry about your friends, I have grand plans for them !"



After the first 4 corpus missions, I want to punch that guy in the face.

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