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What to spend my plat on?



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On 2021-05-09 at 2:24 PM, Get_Of_Fenris said:

I'm a returning player. Last time I played was when Venus open world map was released. Currently I have 1085plat and am itching to spend it. What's the best thing to get? 

Slots, more slots and then even more slots. Did I mention spending it on slots?

Have fun and may RNG be forever in your favor.

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Why do you have to spend it right now? Just sit on it and spend it if the game asks you for it. You take a weapon out of the foundry: "Buy a slot." - "Here you go game, good thing I didn't buy 1085p worth of cosmetics!". Unless you plan to get more plat soon I'd just spend it on things relevant to gameplay or inventory management that are rare or hard to come by when the situation of needing them arises.

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Basically this. Everything you might want is earned by grind. What you need is slots for the grinded items and catalysts to boost their mod capacity. Beyond that you need forma packs (3x forma for 35p or grinded via relics / other methods) to make your favorite items super powerful.

Beyond that, rivens boost your weapons a bit higher, but realistically not by much. If you're okay with performing at 99% instead of 100% you don't need any rivens.

Personally, I recommend trying out a bunch of weapons. Find out if there are a couple you really enjoy. Then a riven for those weapons might be a really fun investment. But if you're just looking to experience the story / have fun with the new content, just use any old random equipment and play through it. You won't have any problems. 

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Not having enough slots can actually stop you from progressing in the game.

Buying cosmetics are more about feeling good when you play. Buying warframes is convenience thing, as some can be pretty boring to farm. Same goes for gears (rivens, weapons, etc).

But only slots can actually stop your game progression in its tracks, and there's no other dependable way of getting them aside from using plats. You might think "that's cool i have one thousand plats" Listen to me, mate... you'll absolutely need warframes AND weapons slots. You most probably will need archwings, and arch weapons slots, as well as companion slots. That's not the end of it, your vehicles need slots too.

Save your plats you'll need them to buy plenty of slots. 

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