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Are My Eyes Deceiving Me Or Is Machete Wraith Shorter Than The Machete?


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so i unequipped my good old gala to get some mastery points from the w.machete

suddenly i thought there was no weapon sticking out of my back

i spun the character around to see my warframe with a poking stick



i equipped the regular machete realized it was a whole lot bigger

was this intended?

heck my corpus badge is even covering the handle

i can't see it when my warframe is facing me

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I dont think a machete is suppose to be that long. Want a long sword? Get the Galatine or even Dakra Prime. (best looking singlehanded sword)


well at least i wanted it to be as long as the normal machete haha

i normally use the gala since it so cool and charge attack just cuts everything in half

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