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I've had this problem once, last time. I forgot how I fixed it.

So...Yea, how do I fix it again?


Tried verify with the game launcher. Tried disconnect and reconnect internet...No avail.

I tried updating about...I don't know, when patch was live, then I played a few rounds on another game, did some other stuff, came back and try update again. Nope.avi

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Tr...try sending a support ticket?

Move this thread to the "Bugs" section of the forum?


Other than that, I apologize for the problems you are having.


I've thought about that. But support ticket takes weeks to get a reply. Might as well pray to RNG God.

And I just got back from Bug section, nobody mention this bug, I don't think DE Staff keep close eye on it neither.


All in all, I'm just impatient. I'm not particularly want to play WF. I just want to shove the new weapon and Brakk into the oven and be done with it. Not feeling generous enough to spend Plat on rushing. 


But thanks for your input. My friend told me to try restart Steam, and that'll I do. Hopefully it helps.


EDIT: (Update)

Restarting Steam didn't work. Which...I think that's how I fixed it last time.


(Update 2)

Restarted my computer, and turns out it's a case of Steam doesn't want to update. So now the launcher works, but somehow it's stuck on "Verifying Game Cache", and the bar doesn't seem to want to move at all. Tried aborting the update and restart, but it goes back to verifying...I suppose it'll work now, but just a matter of time.


Thanks for all the help!

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