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Sevagoth [Bugs and Feedback]


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Still existing bugs on Sevagoth as of 5/9/21.

  • Melee animation failure on Shadow. I believe it is caused by attack speed going too high. Attacks still strike but the claws just flail behind him like a syndana.
  • Gloom clutter on sentinels making it very difficult to see. This persists regardless of energy color.
  • Poor functionality (small hitbox, launching you into the air) with consume. I Suggest changing the ability function to more closely resemble Atlas first ability.
  • Unable to switch press/hold functionality of reap in the menu.
  • Unable to block as shadow without going into dedicated melee mode despite not having ranged weapons.
  • Inability to gain affinity on Sevagoth while using exalted shadow.
  • Unable to aim the shadow created by reap while in dedicated melee mode.
  • Occasionally unable to use heavy attack as exalted shadow. Unsure what is causing this.

Feedback: While not as important as bug fixes a few things I'd still like to see.

  • Sow being able to be recast clearing previous instances.
  • Being able to cast exalted shadow above 1% soul well similar to Baruuk's restraint.
  • Allowing operator mode to not disable exalted shadow similar to how it no longer disables Razorwing.
  • Reduce gravity while gliding as shadow.

Thank you for making an amazing and wonderful game as well as a wonderful warframe. I look forward to future content patches. 

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