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Bug or deliberate: reordering mod loadouts *doesn't* affect Helminth ability?


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Reproduction steps:

  1. Assign Helminth ability to Mod Loadout A, B or C - e.g. C.
  2. Go to Arsenal and swap the order of the Mod Loadouts - e.g. swap A with C. 

In the above example, the Helminth Ability remains on C.

I personally consider the Helminth ability to be part of my loadout, along with Aura, Exilus and Arcanes. So, I would consider this a bug. Example situation: experimenting with a new build for Nekros that includes a Helminth ability. You decide its really good and want to make it Nekros' default loadout - so you move it to Mod Loadout A. Issue is that the Helminth ability doesn't move - it stays on C. 

However, I can imagine that some people like being able to have 3 Helminth presets and then move their Mod Loadouts between them -  then having the separate ability to easily move Mod Loadouts around. For example, you might have a Wisp Mod Loadouts for Defense versus Roaming, and then you might have 3 different Helminth Infusions (e.g. Dispensary, Auto-Hack and something else) and you move your Mod Loadouts around to creating different pairings. 

So, possible resolutions:

  • Get a user-preference (Settings) to "Lock Helminth abilities to specific slot [0/1]" for player choice? 
  • Add the option to move the infusion between loadouts (without expense)?
    • Part of the Upgrades panel (on the left where abilities appear, let you click to choose from  a pool of received infusions).
    • Part of the Equipment menu (under the Warframe - only from the pool of received infusions.

Unless it's intended that there's no way to move it? Am I just expected the eat the cost just to re-order my builds?

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Its intentional. Because the helminth ability is set to a specific loadout, and not a mod setup. Changing mods in the loadout, even if it appears you are changing the entire loadout, will not change the helminth because you still only change the mods themselves, not the loadout. Does that make sense? 

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When I subsumed an ability the first time, it asked me to which config I want to apply the subsumed ability to... Unless DE changed it to be completely free from it. Because the ability I took out was so immensely useless, I applied the subsumed ability on all my equipment Configs.


Reordering a Warframe mod Config doesn't matter to the subsumed ability, since its tied to the Config itself that it was applied into, not the order to which the config was before.

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I don't know if it's intentional, but I find it much more useful to be this way instead of bound to mod config.

For example I can quickly switch my Trinity build between giving energy orbs and buffing weapons damage.

If it was connected to mod configs, I would've had to have at least 2 more of them.

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22 hours ago, 3mptylord said:

Go to Arsenal and swap the order of the Mod Loadouts - e.g. swap A with C. 

Wait, are you telling me I can literally swap the order of my existing loadouts?  Because for years I've been "Swapping" my loadouts by manually changing every single mod in them.

Regardless, it would be nice to be able to swap the order of Helminth loadouts; if I decide I prefer loadout B and want it to be my "default", it sucks that there's literally no way to change that without spending resources.

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