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Codex Scanner - more upgrades


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3 hours ago, thurmack said:

Please consider some more upgrade mods for the codex scanner. It's a fun device, and I'd like to be able to do more things with it. Or even just scan faster :)

Faster scanning is an upgrade you can already unlock in the game. If you're looking for new features, I have a couple ideas.

The mining tools you use in the open world areas can detect nearby ore deposits. I believe that Synthesis Scanners should be used to detect lore fragments, Frame Fighter fragments & Somachord tones on a node while in the mission. There'll just be an icon on the side that tells you which is available. For those who have already scanned everything, the icon simply won't pop up.

Another useful gimmick that the Synthesis Scanner has is a tracking feature. We could use this tracking mechanic to locate whatever you need to scan, be it glass fish, lore fragments, Kuria, whatever, it'll become a more versatile tool as a result, and I'll finally be able to unlock all those stupid Orb Vallis tones.

When you purchase the additional upgrades for the Synthesis Scanner, you'll unlock additional icons on the HUD of the Scanner. These icons, as previously mentioned, represent all of the various scannable objects a player may encounter in the field. To prevent all sorts of onscreen clutter when using the Scanner, you'll be able to switch between Simaris, Lore, Frame Fighter & Somachord tracking modes.

As an added bonus, Kuria will be transferred the Fragments category of the Codex, which will be renamed to Lore. and thus be categorized as a Lore item to simplify tracking. What falls under the Lore category for detection, tracking & scanning? Kuria, glass fish, Cephalon fragments, Fortuna debt bond tokens & those Partnership fragment statues.

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