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Warframe and Weapons Regressed Stats and Slow Mov Spd Bug


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I notice yesterday when i was moving mod around in my warframe on rhino for a mission his stats bugged out. i was moving mods around to increase his health (H) and shields(S) for a mission. when i started the mission i noticed i was lossing my shields a lot so i checked my health and shield and they where about 175 H and 233 S. Finishing the mission i decided to check what happened and noticed the rhinos base stats for Health and Shields had all been greatly reduced and even with the Vitality 400% and Redirection 320% he only got to 175H and 233S. Without its 75H and 113S.

Another i noticed was that the rhino wasn't walking or sprinting like it used to and would move at a snail pace, forcing me to dash jump. that being said the stats didnt show a change however to mov spd but still cant walk normal or sprint normal.

Wasn't to much of a hassel though cause i can dash and rhino has his iron skin for additional health i could still clear missions on most difficulties but i started noticing that i wasn't being able to kill monsters i used to 1 shot with the tonkor or spyra and then my galatine started to do weak damage. Going back to ship i checked and started comparing all my weapons with no mods and the base stats info provided in the market and noticed that all my weapons have also had their damage reduced.

I need help. I can't do higher difficult missions any more or i can but only the minimum requirments like 5 waves for defense in orokin and stuff like that. The warframe stats was what ever(Rhino Carry hehehehe) but the weapon base stats getting cut hurt more. i honestly haven't checked much more than that its what i found so far.

Its affected all of my warframes Base Health and Shield. Ones i just got to just to increase my mastery only, Like Saryn as well.

Sorry for the large images am new to uploading images and hosting images websites.

All my Warframes and Weapons have been affected.


My Rhino No Mods


Base Rhino


My Saryn No Mods


Saryn BaseQdNwbu.png

My Tonker No Mods


Base Tonkor


My Galatine No Mods


Base Galatine


I dare not modify mods in anything else right now, i suspect the me moving the mods initially on the rhino caused it with the corrupt mods and the vitality and redirection mods. as for the weapons i have no idea.

Anyway Thanks for Reading so far and i hope to get help soon :)

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