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Corpus Railjack Secondary Objective Borked


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Went into secondary objective to be able to move Pluto exterminate on, the final enemy spawned behind and in this mission type you cannot go backwards. Had to abort the mission. What the actual fluke!? Also, who designs a site that won't let you embed images into the actual post and has to use Hyperlink. As an IT person that is not ok so no images for you fix your site and your broken f'd up game

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All bugs encountered that are annoying enough they stick in the memory:

1. Squad up with your friends, play a Defense or Interception mission in NON RAILJACK. After mission ends, everyone is back at their orbiters solo. Since BETA testing railjack

2. Farm Corpus Railjack (void storms or not) without full void traces - get 0 rewards for rotation B cache rewards. Max out void traces, repeat - get Rotation B cache rewards.

3. Play Corpus Railjack, experience instadeath for no known (yet) reason. Lose your affinity if you were leveling something cause your friends cannot revive you cause you died with no bleed out timer

4. Have primed Regen maxed on a sentinel, play open world bounties, sentinel dies and does not ever recover from 1st death

5. Using a controller or gamepad, be in the middle of a mission and it just stops working fully. All you can do is walk/run forward until you can unplug/plug back in up to 3 times for it to be picked up and allow you to use all functionality again

6. Bugframe in general

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