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【nezha mod】Hope to get your suggestions


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I think OP has too many defensive mods , you can easily lose any 2 and you will still be very tanky.

The rule of thumb is to have the halo health at about 10X your EHP, this way even when you lose shield gates there is an extra layer of "halo gate" to protect you and recast.

Having too much halo health will put you in a difficult position as you cant take advantage of halo gate.

I run the below general build that takes me to pretty much any mission without issues.

You can put in one more forma and use a different exilus mod. 822ABBB37D46E68B356DC9B7B20C411F739C0594

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Nah, no suggestions from me. They look ok.

I used to copy builds from overframe as well, until i realized that it's not how i want to play the frame. Regardless of what the elitist tridolon hunters tell you, warframe doesn't really demand very specific build to conquer any types of missions anyway.

It's always the same corrupted mods build anyway. Umbral set here and there. At the end of the day, when a player reaches certain point in the game, they know what they want. Bring a frame to missions, feels really energy hungry, slap in more efficiency. Feels pretty weak, slap in more strength. Need more range, too much range, etc. 

So yeah, idk how you play your nezha, but your build looks fine.

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