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Minor: Inconsistent Presentation of NW Tasks (possible spoiler)


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I'm currently MR5. Checking the weekly NW, I can see two tasks that are locked because I haven't completed The War Within.


Ooh, how mysterious and intriguing! I wonder what those could be?! :surprised:

Let's go to Navigation and see where I need to go next in order to unloc...


Oh. Ok, never mind then. :awkward:

This isn't a spoiler for me as I'm way past this point on another account (I started this one to replay from the start with a bit more knowledge of how to mod and what to expect) but it could be off-putting for a new player, especially if they decide to google the missions.

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The pause menu also cycles through the restricted NW missions and the Kuva Fortress is shown as available in Void Fissure missions despite my not seeing the Fortress in Navigation yet, though selecting that mission doesn't do anything.


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