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Bring Back Solar Rails - for a Different Purpose

(XBOX)Nebula SYS

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so, i think what could be done is bring back the solar rails in dojos, and have it be for alliances and such, but, have them be constructed between allied dojos, and allow you to visit the other clan dojos via solar rail, and if a solar rail is built, have the clans get bonuses. for these examples, i'll use the following parameters:

clan 1: my clan, which is also the owner and founder of the alliance.

clan 2: a clan of my friend.

dojo 1: my clan dojo.

dojo 2: my friend's clan's dojo


now, for example, whenever someone from clan 1 goes to the orokin lab in dojo 1, and goes to dojo 2, then clan 2 will get a bonus, of say, 50 affinity. (this will have a cooldown so as to avoid abuse of this mechanic, perhaps 3 hours). with this implemented, also allow the players from clan 1, while they are in dojo 2, to access the research from dojo 2, and be able to collect one item of research from dojo 2 per day, for example, they could get the arca plasmor blueprint one day from dojo 2, then go back the next day (will be tied with daily reset like trades), and get the Hema blueprint from dojo 2, however, as it's from an allied clan and not their own, the cost will be doubled, so instead of 15,000 credits, it will cost 30,000 (that extra cost will go directly to clan 2's vault (so they will get 15,000 credits)) so as to discourage this for long term use, but be something that can be used for short term, perhaps 3 blueprints. this will have alliances gain bonuses, so alliances will have a real reason to exist again, other than resources and the vault. now, the Solar Rails between dojos in the alliance will be "Solar Rail - Tower Class" Solar Rails, the same research that was in the game before removal, but with the cost of a forma, and a couple other things.


i would also like to see them add another feature to go along with this, similar to dojos: an Alliance Relay. these will be old Orokin space stations that are cleared out (like the big structures you see in railjack missions, or the one giant crashed thing on Orb Vallis) but nearly intact ones that are just run down and had a catastrophic failure. these can be turned into an Alliance Relay. to access this, a warlord in the clan that founded the alliance will need to begin a quest, call it "Void Summons" (prerequisites will be the Call of the Tempestarii, and The Sacrifice Quests, and being the founder of a clan, and founder of an alliance (both active and not deleted)), which will automatically trigger when someone who has done all the prerequisites logs in (it will be hidden otherwise, like chimera prologue). it will begin by having Ordis say his usual "Ordis has been counting stars Operator, all are accounted for", except he will say "Ordis has been counting stars operator-" [switches to deeper glitch voice] "one of them is dead" [back to normal voice] "missing, and it appears to have entered the Void". and this will cause you to be able to go to a Void Mission into a tower, and enter a special room (the same one you enter whilst bringing Lua back out of the Void), and hack the computer. this will be used for signal scanning, to find this star that ordis says is missing. once that is done, Ordis will say "it appears there is an anomaly Operator, return to the ship so i can share what i have discovered using the Tower's signal scanners". then you will extract as normal. upon returning to the ship, Ordis will explain that he has found an old Orokin space station that was glowing like a star before to conceal its location, and that it appears to have had a catastrophic failure and jumped into the void automatically for an unknown reason, leaving its previous position. Ordis then suggests that you visit it, which will give you a new mission node for the quest in the Veil Proxima (this next mission will be a railjack mission), and it will have you go to an old derelict (just like the ones they added in update 30), to scavenge extra power from it's dead, abandoned, ancient reactor. you will load in, and Cephalon Cy will say "we're only here to salvage resources, proceed to the marked derelict" and when you arrive, Cephalon Cy will have you position the ship near it, saying "position us next to that hunk of junk, the closer the better", and then proceed to board the old derelict, and once inside Cephalon Cy will say "we're here to scavenge any left-over void energy from this ship's engines, in case of ours failing, so if something goes horribly wrong - which i expect it will - we can use the extra power to flood the engines for a one-time emergency translation back to the drydock" (him explaining the reasoning for this mission). while inside, you will need to hack a terminal to access the engine room, and from there, it will function like an interception mission, but it's protecting Void Energy conductors from being blocked by infested spores, and only have 2 points (it will be a solo quest, and the reactor is old and nearly dead, so it makes sense it won't be full of power). upon completion Cephalon Cy will say "sensing large bio-signature, looks like you made something mad" and a slightly different-looking juggernaut, with something embedded in its back will come to attack the player, and once you kill it, it will drop a Derelict Reactor Key (item that was used to start the engines on such large ships), and Cephalon Cy will say "huh, looks like an old reactor key, i wondered where the keys were for this old mess", and then you will leave the derelict station, and go back to the railjack, which will finish the mission. upon entering it, Ordis will say "Operator! i thought that evil beast was going to kill you!" and then Cephalon Cy will come back and say "Ordis, do not worry, your Operator has seen countless skirmishes with me, and is very capable, now, we will be leaving to the Void, stay put, this will get bumpy" and Ordis will wish you luck. then you will go to the railjack's navigation console, and click a separate mission node in the Veil Proxima (same place in the map as the current mission, just renamed), and it will say "Venture Into the Void", and you will go there, and fly the Railjack through a long, linear mission, dodging asteroids, and other things as Cephalon Cy readies the engines for translation into the Void (the Void is unpredictable, and craft as small as the orbiter would be relatively fine, hence the ease of loading in, but something as large (and as old, seeing as it's from the Old War) as the Railjack would of course need advanced calculations and engine preparations), and when it's done he'll say "strap yourselves in, this is gonna be bumpy" and you begin a translation screen that is similar to others, but seems much more violent, similar to the one seen upon entering Void Storms. when you arrive, it will have the backdrop of the Void (just like the clan dojo backdrop), and you will see the old space station ahead, and Cephalon Cy will say "well, that was less violent than expected, but we still have to worry about the chance that that old tin can's defenses function, ready the guns", and you will fly up and destroy a random amount of turret guns along the exterior (like corpus turrets), then Cephalon Cy will tell you to enter the station. once inside Cephalon Cy will say "i want to see what went wrong with this thing, and how it was able to navigate into the Void to begin with, find the central computer, hack it, and let me see its logs" which you will do (just like a spy mission vault, but relatively easy), and upon extracting said logs Cephalon Cy will say "interesting, this station was supposed to be an Old War staging area, for the Orokin to stretch their influence, and resources, but it seems the project was repurposed as a Void Exploration staging area instead. we can use this for the Alliance, and many other things, given we can salvage the technology, but how do we get it out of here? search the ship, see if you find anything of use while i calculate" and then you search the ship and explore it for 2 minutes, at which point Cephalon Cy will say "that Void Energy we salvaged from the derelict, it should be enough to get us out of here, while docked in the station. use that Reactor Key from the derelict, and find some Argon Crystals to help fuel the reactor" and so you look around and find some Argon Crystals (these will guaranteed spawn nearby), and then head to the Docking Bay (this will be like an Orokin variant of the Drydock), and click the "Call Railjack" button to call it in, then you'll go to the reactor room, and put in the argon crystals, hack the terminal to connect to the Railjack's Void Energy storage, and then put in the key to kick it off, which will start a cutscene for the station powering up, and beginning to move, then you can sit in it while is translates (viewable from windows along the sides of it), and then it will enter an empty point in the Void, and Cephalon Cy will say "well, we did it, we got this rusted heap back here. this is a stable point in the Void that i salvaged from the logs of the Tempestarii, one of very few that exist, but now we need a permanent way to dock it, and connect to it, and make it useable. i'll fly us back to the drydock, then you construct a short range solar rail to it, and we can then begin work on it with the rest of your alliance" at which point you board the railjack, and fly back to drydock, and then the research is unlocked for what is called "Solar Rail - Void Class", which will allow you to access it from the Orokin Lab. you will build this (one hour build time so the quest doesn't take forever), and then you go to the Drydock, and click the new area that is on the edge of the map, in the edge of the void that says "Orokin Space Station", and click it, which will have the Railjack mount onto the Solar Rail (there's a "hole" where the archwing slingshot passes through on the top of the railjack, and the rail will pass through this, powering the engines and linking with them to thrust it along the solar rail). when you enter it for the first time, you will need to take out the omni, and repair parts of the station's hull, which will cost ferrite, and you can spray it and consume the resource and repair it. once all the hull breaches have been repaired, Cephalon Cy will say "now we need to repair and calibrate its autopilot functions, so it doesn't stray", and then you'll go to the main viewing area/command deck, and walk up to the central terminal, and use some resources to repair it (2 asterite, 100 control modules, 1 nullstone, and 1 komms), and once that's done, you board the railjack, and it opens a cutscene where Cephalon Cy orbits it, and calibrates it, then says "there, now it's leashed in place, you can go inside now safely", then he re-docks, and you go inside, at which point Cephalon Cy says "so, what will you call this place?" and Ordis will come on and say "operator! that space station has docking that i can land at! i'm currently on approach" and Cephalon Cy will say "oh lord, i see your orbiter on scope", and then the space station will shake slightly and Ordis will say "i think you should name it an 'Alliance Relay' Operator!" to which Cephalon Cy will say "that isn't half bad, i agree with this, but it should be able to have a custom name as well, something from your souls. what will you call this space station?" which will open up a window to name the Alliance Relay whatever you want, and then you will exit the railjack, and Cephalon Cy will say "good name, now enjoy, i'm going into low power mode", and then it's like a normal dojo mission, no weapons, nothing, as if you're in a dojo. now, at this point, every clan in the alliance will have the research to construct a "Solar Rail - Void Class" Solar Rail, and this will enable them to connect with the old space station in the Void that you repaired.


now, the Alliance Relay will be a slightly different Relay that can be decorated like a dojo, but be better, but also require investment. let me explain: the Alliance Relay will have terminals in it around the edges for accessing syndicates, the foundry, anything and everything, even teshin, the conclave, Steel Path rewards, everything, literally everything, all in one place, better than the orbiter. now, these terminals will all be inactive, and will require resources to build, with costs similar to a single Dojo Room, however, anyone in the Alliance can donate, build, and begin these projects, so long as their clan permissions allow it (their permissions in their clan will carry over in the Alliance Relay, unless the owner of the founding clan turns this off, which will only have people from their clan have their permissions cross over, and everyone else will have permission to only use these terminals). another thing to do would be to have 2 concourses instead of one (the second will need to be built), so that way any event (like baro kiteer) can be in one concourse, and if there's 2, both can be accessed from the Alliance Relay. the reason this would be good, is then alliances can have their own private space, for all their clans and members, and allow them to make squads by doing a handshake with each other, and have the blessings terminal as well for those at MR 30. it really will be like an Alliance's private relay, and also have a terminal to access baro kiteer, so if he's at any relay, you can remotely access his stock from the Alliance Relay as well. it would be resource intensive, and be costly, but it would be worth it, and then, having a space station in the void? that opens up a lot of quest options for future side quests, and other stuff.


also, there is plenty of room for adding difficulty to the quest, or make it so you need other members of your alliance to play, maybe have it require a full squad of alliance members (same clan or otherwise), and there could be sentients incorporated, there's a lot that could be done with this to make it better, and give solar rails a real use again, along with alliances, which i feel like the reason most players want the old raids back is because now alliances are only useful for the vault feature, nothing else, there's no bonus that affects each individual member, and helps them too, like raids did with the loot, and i think it will be really beneficial to the game's community as well, because it will encourage massive co-op, like scarlet spear. and speaking of scarlet spear, they could bring back raids, but in a different way, have them be raiding enemy bases, which will be very large, open tilesets and railjack missions. have alliances with these Alliance Relays run Raids, but have them be missions like scarlet spear, with ground teams, and railjack teams paired with the oplink, but for the alliance to do, and have a function like events be incorporated, meaning every now and again, on a timetable similar to the Ghoul purge, and Thermia Fractures, and such, have an opportunity for these raids to come around, and have the rewards be massive amounts of very diverse loot, and have arcanes be in the drop tables, as another way to get them. this way, big alliances will get a lot of resources, and players can get massive amounts of resources. there's a lot of room to work off this, and it would also be a way for them to test stuff similar to scarlet spear, and help make it much more stable in preparation for the New War, whatever that ends up being, and there could also be events with these Alliance Relays, like Baro Ki'Teer, or other events and such, really anything they want to test, add, anything, and add trophies that can be put in the Alliance Relay as decorations, like in Dojos, and also give a copy to every clan that participated, so that way, even if they leave the alliance, they still have those trophies. i think it would be really good, and really diversify the game, and bring the community together, and help make it better because as i said, it'll encourage massive co-op. i think if nothing else, let us do the Solar Rails between dojos idea, but the Alliance Relay idea i think would be good, and it's similar to clan dojos, so i don't see the servers having much trouble, there's already a ton of dojos and clans, and this is only one per alliance, which could have thousands of clans, so it wouldn't be too hard. maybe they could add a $5 "Alliance Relay Kickstarter" pack which builds the relay, finishes the quest, and adds resources to the dojo vault, so they can make a bit of profit off this to beef up the servers, something to help make this happen. i doubt any devs will ses this, the forums are large, and i don't have a lot of xp on the forums, so i doubt anyone will even comment, but hey, we'll see, just a thought.


also, please excuse the lack of readability, i have Autism, so my communication is pretty trash.

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