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Title says it all, though I am fairly certain it cannot be intended.

While leveling my Trinity today I noticed odd and glitchy stat changes when installing mods. Now, I don't know what nerf-arious schemes DE is planning, but I figured I'd put in my two cents.

I currently have Narrow Minded, Umbral Intensify, Primed Continuity, and Primed Flow placed in the top row and Overextended, Umbral Vitality, Transient Fortitude, and Streamline in the bottom row. My aura is Rejuvenation, though that doesn't really matter as it doesn't show any glitchy/odd stat properties when swapped out.

Now, my current stats are 128% Duration, 130% Efficiency, 190% Range, and 150% Strength. If I swap Narrow Minded and Overextended it would change my current Duration from 128% to 227%, my Range from 190% to 34%, and my Strength from 150% to 210%. So it seems Overextended is being completely canceled out.

Swapping the Umbral mods, Primed Continuity, and Transient Fortitude doesn't have any effect but interestingly, if I take Streamline off, my Duration goes up by 98% while my Range and Efficiency go down by 66% and 30%, respectively. Only the Efficiency should go down when removing Streamline, so there must be something off. I get the same result with Primed Flow, with the only difference being losing energy instead of Efficiency.

I've had similar issues with mods like Critical Delay and Point Strike as they can't even be installed together anymore.

Hammer Shot and Vital Sense are causing issues as well, with one or the other canceling each other out, but that only occurred twice and hasn't come back since.

I hope this is of some use to anyone having similar issues.

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