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Warframe Concept: Scribe, the Chronicle


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"She is the observer who remains unseen. She is history recalled and violent salvation. This is Scribe, the chronicle, the keeper of the book of the dead.

Confound hypnotizes the enemy with pages from Scribe's tome. Their weak minds lost within its lore, they will remain unaware of their impending doom. Inscription scrawls enlightening text upon a wall or other surface. Contact with which silences weapons and regenerates defenses. Write your own savage story. Catalog opens Scribe's book of the dead and she begins to add names to its bloodstained pages. Each kill by her squad grants a boon that increases radar strength in addition to finisher and headshot lethality. Brand summons pages of power, capturing enemy attention, and their souls.

History is written by the victors, Tenno. Will you hold the quill or be another obituary?"

So DE Taylor mentioned wanting a book frame and I thought I'd bust out an old concept. Scribe is a stealth/support Warframe aesthetically inspired by Thoth of Egyptian mythology. She focuses on buffing her team's stealth capabilities while keeping enemies unaware.



Scribe's 'hair' and her shoulder wings contain her many ibis quills which she is holding above. She carries a large scroll wrapped around her waist. She also summons translucent energy pages for her abilities. She harbors her "book" within her, summoning a spectral copy for her 3.


Passive, Book of the Dead:

Foes killed by Scribe are sucked into her rather than leaving a corpse. (Corpse looters like Nekros trigger but at Scribe's location.) Additionally, she starts each mission with a free instant hack and is rewarded another after a number of kills.

Catalog shares these buffs with affected allies.

1, Confound:

Scribe releases pages in a cone in front of her. Enemies in range have pages hover around their faces. These enemies can no longer perceive players or pets. Unalerted enemies remain so. These debuffs go away if the foe takes enough damage.

2, Inscription: 

Scribe targets a wall or floor and places a large amount of text on it with a swarm of quills. She and her allies standing on it or wall clinging to it (which they can do as long as the ability remains) heal hp and shields. Contact with the text grants silent guns and better parkour, this buff lingers for a time after leaving the text area.

3, Catalog:

Scribe activates her book, granting a stacking buff until she ends the ability or runs out of energy. It catalogs kills performed by Scribe and tenno in affinity range, each one granting a stack, multipled by stealth affinity bonus. Stacks grant increased enemy and loot radar, finisher damage, and headshot multiplier. Allies in affinity range also get these boosts.

Stacks are kept while ability is off but disappear if Scribe dies.

4, Brand:

Scribe deploys many pages that fly around a point, forming a deadly glyph which is marked onto the flesh of nearby enemies. It deals constant impact and puncture damage with status procs. It draws enemies toward it at a bigger radius. The damage also does not alert confounded enemies even after the damage threshold, allowing for group stealth ability kills.

Enemies killed while branded give increased action speed to nearby allies.


I had contemplated using a mandacord like system to allow players customization of their Inscription and brand but I think that'd go bad quick. There would have to be word filters on Inscription (even though it uses Tenno script) and people would use it to make brand look naughty lol.

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