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Stuck in Navigation Screen


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In a specific situation, the game may be stuck on Navigation screen, which cannot be closed other than by closing the game client. I am experiencing this issue on PC. Steps to reproduce:

  1. Enable all chat tabs: ESC > OPTIONS > Chat > Region + Q&A + Recruiting + Trade
  2. Go to your Orbiter or a Relay or Dojo.
  3. ESC > T (to open the chat) > switch to e.g. Q&A tab > FAST TRAVEL (if in a Relay) > NAVIGATION
  4. Use the mouse to click on a tab different to one that was clicked in step 3, e.g. on Recruiting tab.

Now the Navigation screen is stuck and cannot be removed. If you hit ESC multiple times - this will just close the chat window, when ESC is first hit, but will never close the Navigation screen. ZOOM OUT button in the bottom right is broken - as does nothing (normally it zooms out and then replaced with EXIT button).

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