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Candid thoughts on Nekros.


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Everytime I use Nekros I'm hoping I can fulfill the fantasy of summoning a smol (and effective) army to fight for me. I remember watching the Nekros Prime trailer, and it got me really excited to try out Nekros. However, 'm still trying hard to find the comfortable build I'm looking for, if it even exists. 

I'm just gonna put down what feels uncomfortable and clunky about Nekros, and what changes I think would be nice.

Soul Punch

I loved the recent change that allows for Nekros to create shadows after smacking the mess out of someone's soul. Very cool.ūüĎƬ†However I feel like the two parts of the ability are now contradicting, or just clunky to use. So basically... I use my soul punch on an enemy to mark him for harvesting, but then he goes flying far away, or just ragdolls to the point that hitting him is difficult.

What would be nice to see from the ability is:

  • No longer ragdolls target
  • Stuns enemies for 3 seconds (same duration as the harvesting mark)
  • soul projectile¬†knocks back enemies that come into contact with it

Allows for us to easily focus down the target we mark.

Shadows of the dead

So many frames are able to take out several enemies with ease. I get that nuking enemies isn't Nekros' strength, but it'd be nice if he could have a bit more reliability with his shadows. For this I came up with some simple, but hopefully effective and reasonable augment mods.

Tormented Souls : Every 30 seconds a shadow is alive, it's strength is increased by 25%. (the strength will ONLY effect his shadows, increasing their stats; caps at 175%)

and this fun abomination...

Soul Shepherd : Executing an Eximus enemy with Soul Punch spawns a Soul Shepherd. While shadows are within 15m of the Shepherd they recieve the benefits or element of the slain eximus that the shepherd was spawned from. Only one Shepherd can be active at a time. (E.G. Arson Eximus -> Heat dmg for shadows).

Granted one is a lot more practical than the other... but I think augments are a nice place to just input "fun" things into the game I guess. 


So in summary, Nekros' shadows are mostly used for meat shielding... or soul shielding I guess. Which sucks. It betrays the whole fantasy of playing a Necromancer in my opinion. 

I don't think any of the things mentioned will make him absurdly strong out of no where, and at the same time, people who use him for desecrate farming can still do so. Soul Shepherd is a fun and possibly over-complicated way to give shadows some elemental damage, which will help with damage output. Overall, I think the two augments will allow Nekros' players to more comfortably maximize their duration while still getting "decent" damage with their shadows. Or at least that's my hope. I'd be lying if I said it didn't sadden me to see a frame like Wisp get such a convenient aug mod, while I still struggle to come up with comfortable ways to make Nekros work for me. Who knows, maybe I'm more alone than I thought when it comes to this necromancer fantasy I want better fulfilled... It'd be nice though, to get something, even if it isn't anything mentioned above, to help Nekros be more of an effective Nekromancer.


And with that... I take my leave.

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7 hours ago, ThatGuySnuggles said:

So in summary, Nekros' shadows are mostly used for meat shielding... or soul shielding I guess. Which sucks. It betrays the whole fantasy of playing a Necromancer in my opinion. 

This I think is the crux of why Nekros's main intended fantasy has continued to fail: ideally, he should be able to summon powerful minions from his slain victims and act mainly through them, but because his minions suck (as all minions do), he's relegated to being the game's loot frame. He's more dependent on his augments than pretty much any other frame to just be functional, and if it weren't for Desecrate, he'd likely hardly see any play at all.

For Soul Punch, I agree with the suggestion: I think the ideal compromise could be for the soul projectile to be this ghostly duplicate of the main enemy, and have that get ragdolled as it's thrown back, while the main body remains stunned. Ragdolling one's main attack target is almost always more annoying than useful, and there's little value to keeping it on Soul Punch other than the occasional hilarity of sending targets into orbit.

As for SotD, I agree the ability needs improvements, but I'd rather not implement those through augments: already, the ability needs its Shield of Shadows augment to contribute anything useful to Nekros, and if an ability needs an augment to be useful, then the base ability is dysfunctional and needs improvements. I'd say there are three main problems with Nekros's baseline minions (and enemy-based minions in general):

  • The minions deal too little damage, even with lots of Strength.
  • The minions are often inaccurate, and so waste time by missing.
  • The minions often waste time by engaging in defensive tactics such as taking cover, when they really should be as aggressive as possible.

With this in mind, I think three baseline changes to Nekros's minions, which could be extended to all enemy-based minions on any other frame or weapon, could help significantly:

  • Have the base damage of the minions scale with their level, and then be affected by Strength.
  • Bring the minions' accuracy to 100%.
  • Change the AI of the minions so that they always hang near the warframe that spawned them, and don't engage in any defensive tactics.

After this, there could still be room for augments, but ideally those should enhance an already good ability, rather than make it worth using at all.

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If it wasn't for desecrate nobody would use him at all. I'm totally ok with if DE changes desecrate to drop only health and energy orbs, ammo AND some new kind of orb called souls/life essence which will act as some kind of fuel for an EXALTED ETHERAL SCYTHE. I'm tired of looking at Nekros and thinking about how much potential he has to be the best Necromancer from any game. He will not get rework untill people stop with this tunnel vision of desecrate.

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Since release ive found his entire gameplay to be incredibly boring and unsatisfying. Im no nekros main, i main loki, but it would be nice to see the boi get some love. My main feelings are mostly that his terrify definitely needs work. Enemies half the time keep attacking or actively run towards me instead of away. 

Shadows of the dead really need their hp to be a constant rather than a drain over time, and they need aggressive agro since they spend so much time running about rather than attacking. The hp drains the real killer for me, they already feel lackluster but having their hp whittle away arbitrarily sucks too. 

All in all though feels like all his augments are bandaids that should just be naturally part of his abilities anyway. 

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I mentioned something similar to soul sheperd but to nekros' weapons only. His shadows should act with damage adaptability to enemies' weakness similar to revenants ballet macabre or baruuk's storm augment. Or at least shadows' attacks should ignore armor and shields... All by default, no more augment mod bs.


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