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Wisp's Breach Surge Shouldn't Remove Stealth Multiplier


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First, I'll get to the point, and afterwards, I'll clarify.

  • Breach Surge blinds enemies, rendering them visually unaware of what's happening to around them.
  • Breach Surge, to my understanding, transfers the same, if not more of the damage dealt to one enemy to the other. (This has the ability to 1HKO)
  • When Breach Surge gets a 1HKO on an unaware enemy, blinded or not, while a stealth bonus multiplier is active, said enemy, dead after one hit from the surge, removes the stealth bonus.

Above is the problem that I face. I've found, while streaming the game, that some people don't understand the issue that I'm bringing to the table. One of the comments I got is that "Breach Surge is an alarming ability," which I would assume it's not if, when you use it in a group of unalerted enemies while being stealthy, you blind the whole group, and none are made aware of your presence unless you touch them, afterward.

The real issue I have with this is that I demonstrated it in this scenario:

  • There are two enemies. Both are unaware of your presence.
  • You jump in with Wisp's invisibility passive casting Breach Surge simultaneously.
  • They are both now blinded and unable to see what's happening.
  • You kill Enemy 1 with a stealth finisher, which triggers a stealth affinity bonus multiplier.
  • A surge travels to Enemy 2, who remains unaware that enemy 1 just died.
  • The surge kills enemy 2 in one hit.
  • Your stealth bonus immediately dissipates, instead of being increased.

Personally, I believe this shouldn't happen because it makes no logical sense. In the case of the "alarming ability" argument, everything about the ability suggests otherwise, and the idea that a projectile that deals one instance of burst damage, enough to 1HKO, would alarm the dying enemy would mean that any other projectile doing the same type of damage, namely bows, suppressed snipers, or high damage thrown weapons, would be subjected to the same treatment. If the projectile were alarming, it should alarm when emitted from Enemy 1, not when Enemy 2 is dead from it.

It makes it difficult to keep a reliable stealth bonus multiplier going for Wisp when, otherwise, all is fine.

Edit: Realized I posted this in General, accidentally, when I thought I was making a post in the Warframes feedback category. Kindly requesting a move, if possible.

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