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Glaive Throws, Heavy Attacks, Volatile Mods?



I need some clarification on the interactions

It sounds to me, like throwing the glaive (hold+release) is itself not a Heavy attack

pressing Alt-Fire mid flight though, to trigger explosion IS the heavy attack, -and benefits from things like Life Strike, combo multiplier, etc.

what about the Volatile mods that auto-explode on contact? do these qualify as Heavy Attack? does Life Strike work on these? combo multiplier?

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35 minutes ago, quxier said:

Not really, I already read that before coming here.

it said it doesn't consume combo counter

and doesn't do the same guaranteed procs


but it still doesn't specifically say if its a 'heavy' attack or not, in regards to other mods like Life Strike.


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41 minutes ago, GnarlsDarkley said:

There's the Simulacrum. Go test it yourself and tell us :) 

edit: Don't get me wrong. Asking in the Forums takes longer and people may only tell you what they believe is true. 

I try not to use the simulacrum because its glitchy, swapping mods around in there doesn't always work and sometimes leads to weird weapon capacity miscounts where mods don't take effect. and running back and fourth between Orbiter to ensure the changes applied is tiring cause there's like 3 loading screens each trip.

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