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Let companion (kavats, moas, sentinels etc) use frame's mods & behave like frame/operator


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If our pet cannot be immortal then:

When you go to the operator mode they should be immortal (like frame).

Adaptation - damage reduction of a frame should applies to companion.

Rolling guard - companion will be immortal for 3 seconds, all statuses removed; 7 second cooldown.

(Primed) Sure footed - (100%)60% chance to resist knockdown.

Resistance mods (e.g. Antitoxin, Aviator or Shock absorbers) - applies to companion


If ability buffs your frame (more damage, damage resistance, healing, stun/sleep etc) it should applies to companion as well.

For example my Sentinel goes with Limbo into the rift. Nezha would allow walking-companion (not-sentinel e.g. moa, kavats etc) to create fire trail and all companion could have status immunity while we are on Fire path.

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This is another one of my pet peeves. Every time DE introduce a new "thing," it has to come with its own renamed versions of existing mods, seemingly just so they can force us to grind. So I agree - let Sentinels use Warframe mods. Let Archwings and Necramechs use them, too. Let Archwing guns and melee weapons use our existing melee mods. Yeah it means we can already use our pre-existing inventory but it makes for a BETTER system.

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