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Cannot use key mapping when two animations clash with each other


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There is a semi-common bug that I will run into where if two or more animations play at the same time, common examples include: Transference and knockdown, transference and stagger, archwing deploy(or exit) and knockdown, transference and respawning due to falling into the void. etc. 


Doing a search of the forums of these bugs will also show up numerous other people who have ran into it with me commenting on it saying it is still not fixed 


If you take a look at ticket number 2464127 you will see a lot of ee logs of me successfully triggering the bug and attempting to snapshot the right section of the ee log for reproduction through using the command /unstuck to capture exactly which time I managed to trigger the bug although I already gave the steps for reproduction up above. Another way of quickly reproducing it is to spam transference in eidolons or profit taker where the shear amount of knockdowns will trigger this bug. And afterwards you won't be able to do a lot of actions other than use archwing launcher to reset the key mapping and animation sets which gets you out of this animation and key mapping lock.

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