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At the moment, the Arsenal is still using a white/black colour scheme that is yet to be updated with the ability to inheret new UI colours, though the UI may change later down the line more dramatically, it would be nice to get a more coherent update in the meantime. Especially as with some newer weapons (Kuva ones, I'm looking at you) we now have an issue with the wep thumbnail being overlaid with text. In this post, I'd like to just point out some things and suggest a fix or two along with some features many users may find great. I'll keep this to a few main items though I'm sure there may be some great suggestions out there people might comment!


Features/Mechanics that exist elsewhere already:

-Favoriting color palettes. This ability exists in Loadouts and to an extent within the color system already. Right clicking on a palette should make it a favorite and will appear at the top before the A-Z as it does now. This is a big issue for players with several colour palettes, I personally use the Storm and Twilight colors a lot less than I otherwise would as they're "out of sight, out of mind". It would be a bonus if we could drag and drop the favourites around also!

- Randomise individual colour, self-explanatory, we have the default button already, a random one for just the one colour would be great too.

- Rotate in "Look Config", this isn't exactly to do with the UI in the Arsenal but to do with viewing a look someone has shared. It starts with the standard locked in rotation but it would be great if this switched to a standard rotate when you click and hold, such as in the arsenal.


New Features:

- "Save/Load Colour Scheme", this would be an extra line or two under the already existing "random" and "default" colour buttons. This would let players save a preset of the colours selected and apply from a (limited) number of saved presets.

- "Switch <-> Colours", Lets say you've just forma'd a frame and are playing with the new secondary energy color but think you may have applied the colours the wrong way around. Well, this feature would be a button between/to the side of them in the UI and would simply make A into B and B into A, switching them for a quick look at the inverse!

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