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Failed to connect to chat server.



Hello everyone,

I have been without a chat connection for quite some time, I'd say more than 6+ months now. I've done other things to try and fix this, such as analyze network, and something about UTP connection giving me a green checkmark. I've done a clean reinstall. 

I've also wondered if I've been chat banned. It says that in my account on here that I would see if I was, but couldn't find anything, so I'm assuming that I'm not. 

I want to trade/party up as usual, but I cannot connect to any chat. 

I just came back yesterday off of a nearly a 4-5 month hiatus (school). Last year I rejoined off of a 2 year hiatus in August 2020, when the pandemic hit and played from August to October and couldn't connect to any chat back then either.

Any other possible solutions that could help would be appreciated, and I would really like to get back to some normality, otherwise this just ruins the community aspect for me. 


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I have been having this issue as well, but it is very intermittent for me.

2 hours ago, AlexLight001 said:

I have this issue if i used my mother's office wifi. Fixed itself when i got home.

Based on this, I figure that it could be your own wifi or DE side of things because my wifi router is consistent. I only play warframe at home, yet I sometimes get this issue.

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