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warframe.com blocks VPN users and login problems

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This has been going on for years now. Not only does it prevent all website interaction (beyond the shop, that's understandable), but also this is the reason login does not work.

In some parts of the world the usage of a VPN is a true necessity, like Iran (Conecting to warframe from iran) or now Egypt (PSA: Limited online functionality for players from or near Egypt) - your recent update triggered Egypt's government censor filters, it's an issue actively affecting you right now!

And it's not like you, DE, are living in a country with net neutrality nor do you have good ISPs who would not inject stuff into HTTP traffic (e.g. Comcast).

If you allowed VPNs, a good single digit percentage of your most active and tech savvy Egyptian users would be able to connect the very next day (and something tells me most active users are the most active with $$$ too) - then educating and bringing their other friends back into the game too. Zero effort from your side until you manage to fix it.

A VPN is no longer a gimmick but the only gateway to a clean and free Internet for many, without surveillance along the way (hopefully, depends on user choice).


Why do I use a VPN? Because the ISP thinks to know better than me what websites are good or bad for me, and has begun blocking already on its own accord without any legal orders. Besides, privacy. I must be doing well if Google starts hating on me with ReCaptcha and their search too :)

Please tell your admins to properly separate the website/login from the shop and only block the shop if you so insist. Don't create even more problems for users and help us out. These Akamai CDN/proxy blocks are pathetic.



PS: OpenVPN users could set up static routes to reroute [origin.|content.]warframe.com traffic, but it doesn't solve any of the fundamental problems I outlined above (and neither does it work with IPv6 yet).

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