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(Suggestion) More shawzin scales?


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Hey DE!

I love the heck out of the Shawzin. It's the best music-making interface in the game (sorry, Octavia) and as a certified music nerd, I love that it exists. The diversity of scales is incredible as is; however, also as a certified music nerd, I'd like to see a couple more scales added to the Shawzin as well. Besides Major, Minor, and Phrygian, there's a bunch of other "weird modes" that would make playing in keys other than C a lot easier. If I had to pick, my top choices for new scales would be:

Mixolydian - It's a major scale but the 7th tone is flat, for those who don't know. This one in particular would be amazing because it would allow for playing in natural minor along with Octavia, whose instruments are all in the key of D minor (pentatonic). At the moment, the closest the Shawzin has to this is Major, which equates to D dorian; it'll do in a pinch for most things, but I'm sure I'm not the only musician who misses that B flat!
Dorian - Speaking of the Dorian scale (minor but the 6th tone is natural instead of flat), I'd like to see this one on the shawzin too. Yes, I am very biased because C dorian = G minor and that just happens to be the key of Sleeping in the Cold Below. Let us do shawzin covers in the original key please?
Actual Phrygian - At the moment, the shawzin's Phrygian scale is not an actual Phrygian scale. Actual Phrygian scales have a flat 3rd tone. This has a natural one, making it Phrygian dominant instead. I realized that Phrygian could be used to make myself really sad play Smiles from Juran and then my hopes were dashed by the fact that, using scale degree 4 as a tonic, the "Phrygian" (actually Phrygian dominant) scale in its current state gives you a harmonic minor instead of natural minor, which I don't know if anyone's tried to play Smiles from Juran for you with a natural tone 7, but it sounds terrible. Please. I am begging you here DE. Fix this affront against music theory and people who want to be sad over scream dad. Please.

There's also Lydian and Locrian modes among the modern modes alone, but those are Even Weirder and I'm not sure how much use I'd personally be able to get out of them? Ultimately it's up to you, though - I'm just one music nut out of all the music nuts in the Warframe fandom, and not even one of the prevalent shawzin composers. I don't know how the code behind the function works or how easy/hard it would be to add new scales, but hopefully it's easy enough that you can add a couple more "weird modes" in some future update! Thanks for the hard work you put into this game, you guys rock ✌️

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Yea, I agree with OP, it would be awesome to add more scales to the Shawzin, but I think que optimal solution would be to let us make our own scales (like modding, but with tones instead of mods), but keeping the scales we have now as "presets". So anyone, from music pros to amateurs (like me) can enjoy this fantastic music instrument you gave us.

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