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unable to use warframe after transference in


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would like to report a bug that i have been experiencing in the past week where cannot use warframe or weapons or interact when transferring in back to warframe from operator.

Have been experience for the past week whilst levelling my garuda.

When the bug occurs, cannot fire and use weapons, or warframe abilities our use transference again.

Movement is the only thing i can do including bullet jumps but excluding rolling. warframe faces one direction regardless the direction of movement. can change direction of warframe facing direction when ADSing but cannot fire weapon and cannot transference out again either.


bug typically happens when transferring in and out of warframe but doesnt always happen but when it happens the only thing i can do is move and bullet jump. once mission ends it goes back to normal but its happening quite frequently. It is mission agnostic.


will upload a video once i capture it.


Please fix.

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It happens when two animations clash with each other, you will find numerous other posts about it. In your case you got knocked down as soon as you used transference or getting downed considering you are mentioning you used garuda. 


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