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Octavia tips?



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She's fairly straight-forward.
Her first and second ability work together, moving around the map to draw enemy fire and reflect that damage back at them.
Her third ability stays on the frame itself with a radius dependent on your ability range.  Doing actions in time with the music grants buffs.
- Timed crouching gives invisibility
- Timed shooting gives a multi-shot buff
- Timed jumping gives a speed buff
- Timed melee gives a damage boost
Her fourth increases the damage of yourself and allies as well as doubling the range of her first ability.

I think the hardest part about her is picking a nice song to put on the mandachord. 

Edit:  Forgot to mention, mod for range and duration as her abilities scale off of enemy damage.  Also, some survivability if you don't intend to remain invisible constantly.

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Not an expert but these are my observations from my time with Octavia....

-Mallet does a little damage over time.  Enemies with a line of sight will target the mallet and when they shoot it, it increases the damage the mallet dishes out to those enemies who are in line of sight...

-Resonator is the ball.  It picks up the mallet and chases down enemies.  It does a little damage over time on its own.   It also CHARMS enemies into chasing it.   Maybe its from all the movement(which screws with line of sight) but it feels like Resonator actually reduces the effectiveness of the mallet.  It might also be the fact that charmed enemies dont seem to shoot at the mallet??.    If im stationary like Mobile/Defense I skip resonator...  I only use resonator if im on the move...

-Metronome is your buffs, nothing broken or wonky about this.  Always use it. 

-Amp Doubles the range of Mallet/Resonator and their own Damage over time. (This usually lasts twice as long as the first 3 abilities,  or allows you to cast the first 3 twice During one Amp.)  Amp+Mallet can create a huge AoE of death (barring walls and height changes)


As for the music.... im still unsure.   I use one song that has a note in every slot possible.   This seems to do a bazillion little stabs.   If you stack notes into blocks then it may do bigger chunks of damage but less often.    So I really dont think it makes a difference....     The percussion drums is the main source of DPS for the Mallet.  The middle is for the metronome and your buffs (which should always be solid for easy triggering), the top/pink part of the song is for the Amp.....    Have no idea if the middle and top portion do anything to mallets damage....  

Testing this crap is extremely difficult.... I do tons of defense and I cant tell what the hell is happening or what is killing stuff lol.   

All I know is the main damage that comes from Octavia comes from enemies attacking mallet and boosting its damage that way.  Your song besides controlling the timing of damage and buffs doesnt really matter??    I plop down mallets in places that have the most line of sight.

In order to do range duration and strength tho I dont get any Survivability...  You pretty much have to live or die off being invis.  


You can augment mallets so you can cast two of them.   That sounds awesome but I dont know how you could fit it lol.   

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