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These are a few of the issues that I've ran into the past few weeks:

- In railjack missions the UI becomes permanently scrambled even after fixing electrical hazards even after finishing the mission.  I had this happen, fully closed the game and reopened it, and on the very next mission it happened again.  To make this worse the tactical screen told me I had to repair the electrical damage before I could use it...except there was nothing to repair.

- I've fallen off a bridge inside corpus railjack structures multiple times and been teleported all the way back to my ship or another structure.  On one occurrence I was not able to re-enter the structure and was forced to abandon the mission.

- I've been forced to abandon skirmish missions because ships stop spawning before I can kill enough enemies 

- Capture targets randomly teleport across the map you've done enough damage to down them (happened several times)

- Kavats are constantly dying in any combat that is non-trivial because they'll run off and stay engaged with enemies far away from your position.  This is probably made worse because they lack the AI to stay out of anything on the ground that causes damage (IMO they really should take minimal damage from these types of hazards if you aren't going to make them smart enough to avoid them).  It would make sense for AI to run off like this for crewmates on the railjack but extending this behavior to companions does not work well at all.

I've had all of these happen to me after you closed the bug thread for update 30 saying you're going to move resources to the next batch of content.  It's really disappointing to not only see it released in this state but then to learn the bug thread is already closed takes it to a new level of frustration.

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Got a weird bug with alt helmets and syandanas, upon changing loadouts on the navigation screen, where all color chanels apply the same color and texture, last time I ended up with an entirely golden headed Garuda. 

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