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Riven Mod Bug (PC)


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Shotgun Riven Mod Mission: Survive level 30 or higher, killing none. 

I have done this a few times now. I even equipped a Helios with no guns. Did a syndicate survival (30-35 I think that one was) first, then more missions at MOT where I even made a recording covering this point on one. Now if only I could actually get it to someone. 😑 It shows the mod, the match, the results with zero damage dealt, zero kills, the locked mod again... I even considered removing all weapons, but then, oh ya, I gotta carry the mod. And as a note, while its not the hardest Riven "request," it does get interesting trying to leave Mot peacefully. I was harmless; We should be able to gun those jerks down in the streets of Cetus.

Make platinum payable to '3allvalve.' Thanks.  😁

-Dusty 3allvalve

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Are you being seen and having grenades thrown at you? I saw someone else say recently that grenades sort of count as enemies, so when they explode you've lost.

Take an invisible frame. Ivara is easiest since you can steal energy and more air while you creep around.

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