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Khora Statstick Riven - Which one is better?



I decided to reroll my Halikar rivens after I learned that Critical Chance has diminishing return on Blood Rush. I used to use a roll where the only stat worth mentioning was Critical Chance. Here is my build:


Here are my rivens:


I think I can use the first one by swapping either Weeping Wounds or Gladiator Might with Body Count (I definitely don't mind swapping out Weeping Wounds).  The second one is pretty plain and simple. I'm no statstick enthusiast nor a damage expert so I'm not really sure which one I should choose.

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I did some testing on both of them. I swapped Weeping Wounds with Body Counts when using the first one. Honestly I see almost no difference even when I use Gladiator Rush instead of Body Count. But then, I can see the benefit of more status chance against high level tanky enemies. I'll use the second one until I get an actual good roll on the first one.

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