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Mastery Rank up bug


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A note which may be related: It seems you can only take (pass/fail) a "real" mastery test once a day (24 hours).

Based on your message, it could have been you have passed the previous test within the last day.


Side notes only:

I don't know if it's intended but I saw that behaviour myself (after being stuck at a level for relatively long due to not passing a test for long and gaining a lot of affinity meanwhile, enough for more level ups in my case).

I'm unsure if you could practice for the next mastery level while you can't get the test, probably not, but once elligable for taking a "real" mastery test, you may chose to practice an unlimited number of times without affecting the timer and off course without leveling the mastery rank up. Like the real test, any practice test for the next level can be done from your orbiter (it's the easiest way to practice for the next rank up usually), but be careful not to accidentally start the real test instead of the practice one, by pressing the wrong button on that same screen.

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