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Suggestion: Add a toggle to disable the Screen Vignette


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For anyone who doesn't know what I'm talking about, vignette is the darkness present on the edges of your screen ingame.

Few games have this, but the option to disable the effect is almost always there. Warframe however does not have a toggle, despite having one of the most impressive options menus out there. And taking a close look at the picture, the quality of the shading leaves a lot to be desired. The dark circles do not look like they're supposed to be there. It doesn't look like the asset has been touched since I played the Closed Beta Test in 2013.

It didn't stick out that much in the earlier days of the game when most missions took place indoors in dark environments, but in bright environments like Orb Vallus and Plains of Eidolon (to name a couple) the strong vignette really stands out and can pull you out of the immersion. Looking at the vignette in a field of snow feels like a mixture of your monitor dying and slowly going blind. 

Games like Horizon: Zero Dawn have proven you can have a beautiful game with a far milder vignette, and newer games like Genshin Impact don't even bother with the effect. 

I'll keep loving and supporting the game regardless but I can't help but feel the mandatory vignette does a disservice to the game's beauty, so I'll be hoping for a toggle to be added or the effect to be toned down. 

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